About K.P.

K.P. Stafford writes cozy mystery with quirky, fun characters in small towns where things are less serious but busy-bodies try to keep things stirred up.

She’s a mom, nana and musician’s wife. Music is a huge part of her life. When she isn’t writing, she’s out living the music life with her husband.  She’s always loved things mysterious and a bit kookie. Vincent Price made a big impact on her when she was a child, as did The Munsters and The Addams Family. She is also a huge fan of love stories and happily ever after. She now tries to bring her, sometimes twisted, blend of “mystery and reality” to life in her books.

In a name, Vincent Price!
That’s who started her on this road of wanting to be a writer—and lover of all things creepy and spooky and haunted–although she don’t necessarily write haunted tales.

She often gets wrapped up in the romanticism and daydreaming of “being a writer” and forgets to spend the day doing the actual writing. Hey, it happens. She collects skulls, fairies, dragons, gargoyles and…angels. She has a small collection of “found toys.” Her husband works at resorts (one of his day jobs) and brings her small toy figurines kids have left behind. Some they’ve found when moving into new places.

What Reader’s Are Saying…

“Enjoyable read with some interesting twists and turns, this book pulled me in from the very beginning and kept me engaged.”
* * *
“A great fast pace mystery. A real page turner. I am looking forward to other books in this series.”
* * *
“The characters are believable. This small town were the story takes place sounds like a perfect setting for the story. It was a very good read.”
* * *
“I LOVED this book and this author’s writing styles. Truly a talented woman and couldn’t put the book down!!!”
* * *
“This novel had a great story line and kept me glued to the pages! I bought the book yesterday and finished it today!”